Since 2006, we have produced unique, innovative and eye-catching events.  While our clients' needs may vary, they all share one common trait: 

exquisite taste.

We provide unmatched client service and expertise in event planning, design and production.  With your trust, we will create the ultimate event experience for you.




Meet Maatra, Raisha and Ashley.  With over 15 years of event production and administrative experience combined, these ladies are the glue that hold each client's event experience together.  They are the definition of the word Savvy.

Thanks for stopping by!  I have been designing and producing events since 2006, and it is truly my passion.  I love people; I love LOVE; and more than anything, I love a good time!  My promise to you is that whatever we create will be memorable and authentic.  So let's get started, and make event magic!

“Laughter is the Sound of the Soul Dancing…"

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Amazing clients deserve
amazing planners...

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