Love Notes

From Past Clients

"I asked her to create the best space based on my vision and budget. Lexi did that and more! Her ability to be so precise when it comes to details allowed her to capture so many memorable moments and stay within our budget is unmatched. With only a 6-week planning period, I was fully prepared for mishaps and to compromise. But I got everything I wanted and more than I could have asked for! We couldn’t have asked for more, and that’s why she’s remained our family event guru ever since."

- Kisha R.

"Lexi was beyond amazing. Not only did she fully execute my vision, but she took it to a level that I couldn’t have imagined."

"She had a beautiful destination wedding planned, and then the 2020 Pandemic created many limitations that we did not expect. Lexi had to change the direction we were going in and helped us create a local wedding that fit our aesthetic and vision for a boho-chic reception. Since the pandemic was not enough for her to lose momentum, the universe wanted to test her with a hurricane the day of our wedding! We honestly did not think the wedding was going to happen, but Lexi was not going to let THAT happen. By 7 pm the wind slowed down, the sun was setting, and the reception turned out perfect! I highly recommend Lexi because she will make your vision happen no matter what circumstances occur. She will be emotionally supportive along the way and your wedding will look BOMB. She is truly a value add."

- Rachel R.

"Outside factors made our wedding planning process very tumultuous, and we really appreciated Lexi's flexibility. She went outside of her scope to ensure that our dream wedding could still happen."

"It may be in your title...your profession, if you will - WEDDING & EVENT COORDINATOR - this by NO means defines you. Yes, Christian and Kaitlyn had the day of their lives. However, there was not a person present that did not feel the passion of your creation. Lexi, you have been given a enormous glorious ability to touch the human heart. It's been said that "COURAGE IS CONTAGIOUS. EVERY TIME WE CHOOSE COURAGE, WE MAKE EVERYONE AROUND US A LITTLE BETTER AND THE WORLD A LITTLE BRAVER." Because of your courage to show us your heart, three hundred fifty people (some for the first time) were able to speak the universal language of the heart. Because of you, three hundred fifty people will smile and feel joy when they think of September 30, 2017."

- Sabrina P. (mother of the bride)

"There are approximately 6,909 distinct languages in our universe. It seems impossible to capture and express in any language .......the beauty, elegance, and grace of a day that will be forever in our hearts."

I’m immensely thankful for her attention to detail, creativity, and vast knowledge of the wedding planning process. It was important for myself and my husband to find a wedding planner whom we trusted to bring our perfect day to fruition, while also helping to alleviate much of the stress that comes along with managing a celebration of this magnitude. Lexi went over and beyond to ensure that our décor was absolutely breathtaking, and that the day went as smooth and seamless as ever. I highly recommend her and the Savvy Consultants Team to any bride looking to make their dream wedding a reality.   

- Rachel R.

From the very first day of our planning process to the end of our magical wedding night, Lexi was incredible in leading and executing a flawless wedding experience for myself, my husband, my parents and in-laws. 

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