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4 Common Groom’s Cake Mistakes

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After fifteen years in the planning business, I can honestly say I know a few things about cake.  Brides will go all out for their wedding cake, but unfortunately, the groom’s cake often takes a back seat in at least one way.  Things don’t have to be that way.  Here are four mistakes that you should avoid when adding a groom’s cake to your wedding mix.

Going too generic

Groom’s cakes can be any theme, but the most common designs are inspired by sports and animals.  Sports-inspired cakes can be made to look like college or professional mascots, team uniforms, or sport equipment, while animal cakes range from dogs to armadillos to sea bass.  The bottom line is that the cake design isn’t random or generic, but instead it should represent something the groom loves.  Remember: a cake that doesn’t reflect one of your fiancé’s favorite things won’t garner the kind of reaction you’re looking for.  Do yourself a favor, and avoid the letdown.  Don’t go generic with his cake design!

Hiding his cake

You can design the perfect cake for your guy, but it won’t matter if your guests don’t see it.  Don’t spend all of your time, money creating a gorgeous backdrop for the bridal cake and leave his cake presentation as an afterthought.  The truth is that many groom’s cakes are sculpted and unique in shape.  They should be on display for the entire guest list to see.  Talk to your planner about the groom’s cake placement early on in the wedding design phase so that his cake isn’t stuck in a corner somewhere.  Groom’s cakes deserve the spotlight too!

Choosing a flavor he doesn’t love

Traditionally, groom’s cakes were richer in flavor than bridal cakes.  Chocolate or liqueur sponge were popular flavor selection at weddings during England’s Victorian era, but these days you shouldn’t limit yourself in flavor choices.  While one goal of incorporating the 2nd cake is to provide an alternative or additional flavor, it’s not wise to choose any flavor the groom won’t love just for the sake of having two flavors.  If you don’t know what flavor your man likes, take this opportunity to learn something new about your hubby-to-be.  Options like strawberry, red velvet, and carrot cake have become really popular, and today’s top bakers can offer endless flavor combinations to please just about any palette!  Take my advice – if your groom loves his cake, nobody else’s opinion about the flavor will matter.

Staying “married” to buttercream

Skipping the fondant is one of the biggest groom’s cake mistakes I see.  Yes – we all remember the first time we tried fondant (no bueno); however, that was 20 years ago, and fondant has come a long way since then.  Fondant makes more complicated designs possible, and it holds up well in hot or humid weather.  This is key for summer weddings or any outdoor weddings held along the gulf coast or in tropical climates.  Furthermore, using fondant will allow your bakery to create a sculpted masterpiece for dessert that will wow your groom!  Don’t limit yourself.  Before you choose your bakery, ask to sample their fondant and consider their sculpted cake options.



Cake: Good Gosh Ganache | Photography: Rae Tay Photography

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