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Face Cake by a Texas Cake Queen, #TBT

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I’ll never forget the time I reached out to Jennifer Reese (one of our favorite cake chicks and owner of Good Gosh Ganache) to help us make a face cake for a special surprise party.  I sent her a photo that our client (the honoree’s husband) had sent over as inspiration.

Face Cake Inspiration Photo


Her reaction (and we quote): Oh my LORD!   LOL!!!! I’m sorry, I’m just laughing so hard over here right now.  Ok, I’m going to regroup and redesign to make this fab!

LOLOLOL!  THIS is just one of the reasons why I love Jenn so much.  She’s creative, bakes a mean cake, and is completely honest.  And she was right!  No shade to the original designer, but that face cake did not do our gorgeous surprise birthday girl ANY justice.  I had no choice but to lake Jenn take the lead and trust her creative genius.

Fast forward one month and it was time for the proof and then the party.  The sketch itself gave us tingles, but when the cake showed up for the event – everyone’s jaw dropped.  Jenn totally outdid herself, and it was at this point I regretted every telling anyone about my secret bakery weapon… lol (Just Kidding!)

Good Gosh Ganache Face Cake Design

To top it off, we also teamed up with Angel from Crumble and Co Desserts, another confectionery fairy godmother.  Angel perfectly matched Jenn’s decorating techniques and arrived with mini custom desserts that blew our dessert table out of the atmosphere.  I couldn’t have asked for more fabulosity on one table.  I can honestly say that Jenn’s cake was the first of its kind and has definitely inspired countless other versions. [Check out another first-of-its-kind surprise birthday cake that Jenn created for my client HERE.]

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