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What is that… velvet?

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We are LOVING everything velvet this wedding season.  And to be clear, it’s not going anywhere anytime soon.  So brides: don’t be shy.  Throw a little velvet in the mix and take your wedding game to the next level.  Check out these 7 ways to incorporate this luxurious texture on your big day!

1. Velvet Shoes.

Whether it’s the bride, groom, or their guests, this footwear trend is a step above the rest.  Darker colors tend to look best, but don’t be afraid to try something like a silver or mauve if it flows with the rest of your ensemble.


2. Velvet Bowties.

Your groomsmen should be as dapper as they want to be, without showing up the groom of course.  Incorporating velvet as a detail to their overall look is a good way to make them stand out in a subtle way.  Also, it’s amazing how even the most muted tones take on a new life in velvet, when the light hits them just right!


3.Velvet Ribbons.

If you have colors that may not appear in nature, you can definitely bring them in by wrapping the bouquet stems in strips or ribbons.   A traditional tight wrap is always classy, but feel free to let some long pieces flow as well.


4. Velvet Dresses.

Listen.  Every woman looks good in velvet.  Every. Single. One.  Let your bridesmaids slay in matching or varying style gowns on your big day!  Gone are the days of frumpy bridal parties; these ladies should be the best reflection of the bride, as gorgeous as they want to be because – to be clear – it’s impossible to outshine a queen on her big day anyway.  This magic fabric hugs all of the right curves and is also very forgiving in all of the right places.  (But we can’t understate the importance of the right foundation!!!)  Make sure the entire #squad is on point!


purple velvet couch

5. Velvet Furniture.

Whether it’s a vintage, refreshed or modern piece, your velvet lounge furniture can take on its own personality in the right hue.  A word of advice: don’t use it everywhere – just as accent pieces here and there, intermingled with other upholstered or wooden pieces.  It will add a little flare to your cocktail hour or reception, and photograph beautifully.


6. Velvet Dinner Jackets.

So fellas- now that most of you are finally on the custom suit bandwagon (no shade to Men’s Wearhouse), its time to take the take the next step.  The dinner jacket is a show stopper in just about every color.  We don’t recommend putting all of your guys in this though- let them have the bow ties.  But whether you wear this all night, or just reveal it at the reception, it will be a conversation piece.


7. Velvet Cake!

What’s a wedding without the perfect sweet ending?  For you adventurous souls that are willing to stay from  vanilla (gasp), consider red velvet (or blue or green for that matter) as a unique and tasty alternative for your wedding cake. You can go with our without icing because as long as the cake is moist and the servings are healthy, your guests will be in velvet heaven.

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